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Chicago – The Oddest Gig Ever

I am sure all you musicians out there have a story about the “oddest” gig you ever did. Yesterday, shb played at Montefiori in Chicago, a beautiful outdoor park-like venue well suited for expensive parties and high-end weddings.

We were greeted by light-flashing police officers who were dressed in Kevlar bullet-proof vests who were there to greet the 15,000 pre-registered “bikers” who were planning on attending from many different states. However, on Friday night and into late Saturday morning, there were monsoon caliber rains in the area which kept 14,500 of those attendees away. That meant that each attendee had their own personal porta potti and there was enough beer for each attendee to consume 3 kegs.

We arrive, and there was a smokin’ hot gospel band named “Chosen” playing on stage to the bikers, while strippers from a club called “Polekatz,” who were walking around in funky high heels with their butt cheeks hanging out, were selling 50-50 raffle tickets. The Gospel band brought an older white dignitary on stage and tried to get him to sing “When the Saints go Marching In” with one ounce of soul when the real issue was establishing pitch. All the while, a military color-guard marched and stood at attention in front of the gospel band while the strippers were raised up to the top of a scissor lift.

The gospel music was great, but went on longer than a southern church service which meant the other bands, including head-banging Zack Wilde like screamers called “B.O.B” (Bag of Balls…that’s right) were up to 2 hours late. We were the headliners, and we finally played as the place got dark, with only stage lights, and the strippers left for work. The band was tight, the audience, what was left, loved it, and we packed up and left. 

We received good feedback and possibilities for other gigs, and I will always remember that day…

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The Steve Hilger Band in the Media

Leading up to the 2010 Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts, the band was mentioned on two separate occasions in the newspaper.  We always love getting media attention that lets our fans know where they can see us play. 

 Check out what they’re saying about us!

Click Here:  May 30, 2010

Click Here:  June 4, 2010

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CD Release Party

It’s been a long road to get to our CD Release Party. We started in January doing all of the scheduling and trying to find a suitable venue. Then there are all of the time issues around Spring Break, graduations an other events, not to mention making sure a 9-piece band can make the date. But, WOW, what a lot of fun…


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“Want What You Have” recorded live in Kalamazoo, Michigan

The Steve Hilger Band recently released its second album, “Want What You Have” recorded live in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the Union Cabaret & Grille. The album has 5 original tunes and 4 covers…

We had our first rhythm sectional rehearsal for our next studio session. Rob, Bill and Dave are awesome…

We are re-writing some of our charts to take them into the studio…

Going to rehearsal for the studio session next week. We will cut a studio CD with studio versions of some of our recorded live tracks and a series of new charts…

Mark your calendars! The SHB CD release party is on Saturday, February 1st at Wealthy Theater…

Getting ready to play at Quinn & Tuites this Saturday, March 20. We start at 9:00pm. Come join us!

Working on some new tunes. We have some interesting grooves coming…

We are making plans for the CD Release party. The performance will be video taped…


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