Meet the Band

Steve Hilger has been a singer-songwriter since the mid 70s in the genre of blues, jazz, rock and acoustic folk music. He started his recording career in 1975. He sings lead vocals and plays mostly rhythm guitar, occasionally playing leads. He has authored all of the original music performed and recorded by the Band with the desire of bringing the progressive blues and jazz feel of the original tunes to a new level. Here is a link to Steve’s contacts:

John Gist is a superb and innovative musician with multiple talents in many genres. John brings his exciting and innovative saxophone expressions to the group with his creative and soulful solos and rhythmic fills. John appears on both albums, “Live in East Town” and “Want What You Have.” Here is a link to John’s contacts:

Dave Devos has been a jazz bass player since the mid 70s and has probably logged more professional gigs than the rest of us. Dave plays the bass as an expressive musical instrument with stylish fills and innovative lines which separates him from so many other musicians. Dave appears on both albums, “Live in East Town” and “Want What You Have.” Here is a link to Dave’s contacts:

Bill Roelofs was a professional touring drummer for many years and brings to the group a rhythmic sound quality unsurpassed by any other drummer. Bill turns the expressive rhythmic beat into an energetic story line with a different an innovative feel. Bill appears on both albums, “Live in East Town” and “Want What You Have.”

Steve Talaga brings the keyboards to a whole new dimension. Quite a songwriter and jazz musician in his own right, Steve adds an expressive mood and truly provides the band the opportunity to bring progressive blues to the next level. Steve appears on our second album, “Want What You Have.” Here is a link to Steve’s contacts:

Deborah Richmond is a soulful blues singer with a unique style which blends the high energy of Chicago Blues with the wisp and quality of vocal jazz. Her unique style helps bring the band to the new level.

Rob Mulligan adds a percussive flavor with the rhythmic sounds of congas and timbales which gives the band an entirely new and unique sound, far different than many progressive blues bands. Here is a link to Rob’s contacts:

Matt Young brings his soulful blues leads and tireless musical energy to the band which provides an interesting blend between some of the more traditional blues tunes and some of the progressive blues sounds. Matt appeared on the first album, “Live in East Town.”